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12 Links of Christmas

January 1, 2012

Things got away from me a bit at the end of  2011 (see previous post). But apparently motherhood means I now blog in bulk. Here are some wrapping-up-the-year highlights, and some looking-ahead links.

Looking Back at 2011

Joyland Magazine received several Distinguished Mentions in Best American Short Stories 2011 for works by Elisabeth Harvor, Erica Lorraine, and Maggie Shipstead.

In one of my favorite interviews of the year, our latest Joyland eBook author Megan Stielstra interviewed herself on the Nervous Breakdown. As the editor of Megan’s collection, Everyone Remain Calm, I’m obviously quite familiar with the stories, but I think her decision to give the real-life inspiration behind each piece is brave. It’s a simple idea but lends itself to the kind of intimate portrait one wants from fiction—the dish on what is real and what is fabricated.

In the early fall ECW Press put out a new edition of an old book, my very first novel, Joyland, which is where that other thing got its name. Designer Ingrid Paulson gave the book a gorgeous new look while still making use of the original art by Nate Powell. (Again, clearly I am biased.) This novel is a video-game framed coming-of-age story yet I felt very grown-up to see it being re-released five years after its original publication.

Looking Ahead to 2012

This past week, Now Magazine in Toronto gave some pre-love to The Blondes, which releases in May this year.

I was ecstatic to see that the new issue of Quill & Quire (print edition) features a spring preview of the book as well. They say that it “looks to be an extension of the author’s signature mix of quirky postmodernism and biting satire” and who am I to argue?

As part of our fundraising, Joyland Magazine releases its first print edition, the Joyland Retro, featuring fiction by James Greer, Roxane Gay, Scott McClanahan, Kevin Wilson, Zoe Whittall, and others. It’s kind of a “Best of” from the past three-plus years. If you want to help support what we do and keep the site running, buy a copy here. Or if you want to just read about it, Steven W. Beattie interviews co-publisher Brian Joseph Davis about the project over here.

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