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You can’t have it all

February 2, 2012

“You Can Have It All” by George Mccrae is a great disco track, but in reality it’s just not true.

I’ve been juggling the arrival of my infant son, and the edits of my novel with Doubleday. I learned I was pregnant and began calling my son “The Boho Baby,” long before he ever arrived. Yes, it was the year I would crank out a kid, a novel, and travel. But…

If Tina Fey has trouble juggling career and motherhood, I guess it’s okay to admit that I do too. I’ve since begun to refer to my son as “The Saboteur,” so frequently does he interrupt my grand plans—sometimes because I’m dazzled by his beauty and just want to sit and hold him, other times by his amazing vocal range and volume. I have tried my best. I got back into my skinny jeans quickly, and I literally nursed him at my breast while flipping pages on the edits of The Blondes last fall. But…

All this is to say that baby has pushed the The Blondes a few weeks later and for those waiting patiently, I appreciate your patience. It is now set to arrive in the world on July 24.

Even if I can’t have it all, I am still attempting to have as much as possible within reason. I will, for instance, be reading at my neighborhood hangout Word Bookstore in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this week: Wednesday, February 8. If you’re familiar with the neighborhood, you might enjoy the Joyland Guide to Greenpoint.

I’ll also be minding the Joyland table at AWP in Chicago at the end of February, and helping with a Joyland/Dzanc event night at Quimby’s on March 1st (readings by Jeff Parker, Kevin Chong, Megan Stielstra, Eugene Cross).

A vital thing I’ve realized: disco songs make great lullabies. Because of their repetition, you don’t forget the words.

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