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First reviews of The Blondes

August 18, 2012

I’m on the road this week but here are some quick links to the first reviews of The Blondes.

Carrie Snyder reviewed it for The Globe and Mail and wrote, “[The Blondes] weaves together elements of suspense and satire, with an academic overlay of critical cultural theory, but at its essence it is a fast-paced, unpretentious read. A wash-and-wear cut, if you will.”

Critic Kerry Clare reviewed the book on her site. She called The Blondes Powerful and solid, gripping and scary.” Now Magazine‘s Susan G. Cole gave The Blondes four N’s in her review which said “I like a writer with style…Emily Schultz has it big time.”

Barbara Carey wrote in The Toronto Star, “A gripping and unsettling story…Emily Schultz gives new meaning to the term ‘femme fatale’ in her apocalyptic, darkly satirical new novel, The Blondes.”

You can also listen to the archive of my interview on CBC’s Sunday edition here.

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