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St. Martin’s Press,  April 2015


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New York shuts down because of a rabies-like illness that only affects blonde women. Hazel, a grad student, escapes into the unknown of a culture turned upside down and a personal life that might never be the same. With echoes of White Noise and a biting satiric wit, The Blondes is at once an examination of the complex relationships between women, and a merciless but giddily enjoyable portrait of what happens in a world where beauty is deadly.

“Wow!” —Margaret Atwood

“Emily Schultz is my new hero.” —Stephen King

“Like the literary love child of Naomi Wolf and Stephen King, The Blondes examines our cultural attitudes about beauty through the lens of a post-9/11, high-alert nightmare. The result is a spellbinding brew, both satirical and deeply satisfying.” —Helene Wecker, author of The Golem and the Jinni





“An energetic, startling novel. Emily Schultz is a writer with a deadly sense of humor. You laugh one moment, you’re frightened the next. As unsettling as it is funny, The Blondes had me hooked from an early line: The neighbors have finished burning the hair… How could anybody not read on from there?”

—Peter Orner, author of Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge

“Sharp and fluid and legitimately disturbing. A thinking person’s apocalyptic nailbiter.”

— Ben Loory, author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

The Blondes is intelligent, mesmerizing, and fearless. An entirely original and beautifully twisted satire with a heart of darkness.”

— Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven

“At once weird and grounded, fizzily comic and satirically serious, The Blondes takes you by surprise and keeps on surprising.  Emily Schultz has a point-of-view all her own, and knows how to use it.”
— Andrew Pyper, author of The Demonologist


“Emily Schultz gives new meaning to the term ‘femme fatale’ in her apocalyptic, darkly satirical new novel….It’s Schultz’s vivid portrayal of the crisis itself and the public response to it that makes The Blondes such a gripping and unsettling story. Though based on an outlandish, even comic, premise, it’s a scarily realistic state of affairs.” The Toronto Star

“Both a realist narrative about loneliness, insecurities and maternal anxieties and a fantastical, not quite allegorical tale of a semi-apocalypse. It’s a testament to author Emily Schultz’s immense gifts with tone, detail and the crafting of a compelling first-person voice that this novel is never less than engaging.” The National Post

“[The Blondes] weaves together elements of suspense and satire, with an academic overlay of critical cultural theory, but at its essence it is a fast-paced, unpretentious read. A wash-and-wear cut, if you will. Bounced through threats that feel creepily familiar, off-kilter in the way of Atwoodian speculative fiction, Hazel emerges as an everywoman, and a survivor.” The Globe and Mail

“The novel is part metaphor for racism, part commentary on epidemic-related paranoia and part sly look at manufactured beauty. But within these lofty themes are fascinating characters in intriguing relationships. NNNN” Now Magazine

“An engaging, satirical study of our beauty-obsessed society and the idea that looks really can kill.” Chatelaine


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