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“The Blond Inside Me” first published in Elle Magazine and republished on Joyland, this is the story of how I first went blond, and also a look into my personal hair biography


Online Short Stories

“The Side Sleeper,” Taddle Creek (I admit it’s a long one, but one of my favorites)

“A Talent for Sleep,” sample in The New Quarterly

“The Cuddler,” At Length

“Snails,” Black Warrior Review

“Women Making Love With Monsters,” The Fanzine

“Sushi Haru,” The Puritan

“Heaven Is Small: an excerpt,” Taddle Creek

Online Poems

“Song for Herzog and the Dancing Chicken,” The Walrus

“The Tiger,” Animal

“Soft Ice Cream,” Geist

“Black Cat Gum,” Taddle Creek

Interviews for Spending the Stephen King Money blog

Audio interview with Carol Off, As It Happens (CBC)

TV interview with Beverly Thompson, Canada AM (CTV)


Interviews for The Blondes

Audio interview with Emily Schultz and Kevin Sylvester (CBC Sunday Edition)

Interview with Emily Schultz and Greg Quill (Toronto Star)

Interview with Emily Schultz and Jesse Kinos-Goodin (National Post)

Interviews for earlier work

Interview with Emily Schultz and Mark Medley (National Post)

Interview with Emily Schultz and Noah Richler (audio)

Interview with Emily Schultz and Lemon Hound (blog)

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